Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year Celebration 2012

We had a wonderful CNY Celebration!
We had a great turnout, over 60 people came to celebrate and learn about our Girls' heritage.

We were able to use the gym at the Brown's church which had a full kitchen and lots of room for all the kids to have fun!  We had so many people offer to bring food, which was amazing!

Our menu consisted of:
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
White and Fried Rice
Spring Rolls
Chinese Chicken Salad
Almond and Cashew Cookies

Dawn B. ordered this amazing dragon cake from our friend Jenn...it made quite the centerpiece!

Lucy invited some of her first grade friends and their families to share in our celebration, along with Grammy and Papa, and Aunt Deanna 

Dawn has done lots of events for her church, so she is great at coming up with games and crafts!

(this pic was taken during the introductions...the boys look like they are just waiting for the food!!)

Our night went perfectly
The food and company was fabulous
we, along with our friends and family celebrated and honored the heritage of these two
little Asian beauties~

(note to self:  next year just shoot in auto w/flash and guarantee better pics!...uuggh)



  1. I can tell you did the decorating. It's fabulous! What a wonderful time!

  2. How fabulous!! Everything looks wonderful and what a turnout! I especially love the apothecary jar filled with fortune cookies... cute!

  3. That looks like a fabulous celebration.... Oh I love it all!!! The cake and the decorations....
    I agree with Denise... Love that jar of fortune cookies.

    Lucy looks too cute!!!

    You asked about Lily's winter suit... I actually ordered it from www.chinesemoods.com (we ran out of outfits last year)
    It took about 2 months to get here (from China) but it is so nice!! It is quite thick and excellent quality.
    Ty's suit is from the same place and it is also made so well. I would definitely recommend them... but order way ahead of time.

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  5. Wow, you guys put on a fabulous party! What a wonderful gift to your daughters to be celebrated!

  6. What a lovely party! You did a beautiful job with the decorations. I love that you celebrated the girls and included in many others. We stayed home this year - adults where getting over head colds...hoping to really celebrate next year. Emily loves to wear her silks!
    By the way - Emily just adores Lucy's old ladybug raincoat. Thanks so much for passing it along!

  7. HI. I found your blog from Stacy's...had to visit with your title as Lucy makes 6. We have a Lucy, too, and she made us a family of 6! :) We also have a daughter from China. Your Chinese New Year celebration looks wonderful!

  8. That last pic kills me!!! They are so darn cute. You can throw quite the party, Dawn.

  9. I am like Gretchen, dying over the last pic! OMG! Adorable China dolls!!!!