Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Coolest Play Doh set!!

Lucy received this Play Doh set for Valentine's Day from her Aunt Deanna...it is the coolest!  We  She played with it all afternoon :)

Going to the dentist is not Lucy's favorite...even though, our favorite Uncle is our dentist :)
So, we are thinking this might be a great way for her have some fun, but feel a little more comfortable next time she has an appointment

the drill is battery powered, so that adds to the "fun factor"
and you can put braces on!

I bet you're hoping you never have to have fillings THAT big!! :)



  1. this looks so fun!
    loads of good hand-eye coordination going on at your kitchen table ♥

  2. That is awesome! Love that set and she looks like a little dentist working in that mouth. :-)