Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Monday my friend Dawn B. and I took the kids on little field trip...they had been home since Friday, the weather had been grey and rainy EVERYDAY...and we just felt like they needed to get outside (and away from the video games!)

I had been told about the Wildlife Refuge and thought that would be a perfect day trip, since it is about an hour from our house.  NONE of the boys were excited to go :), but what usually happens is by the time you get them out the door and on the road, their attitude changes and they always end up having a good time...plus with the Brown's they each have a friend their age!

First thing on our walk...this is what we saw!!

 See...doesn't Bennett look excited??? 

Dawn B. has worked really hard getting to know photography, and knows her camera well, so she got me to switch to Manual while we were out...I have not been practicing much since my photography class, so this was the perfect opportunity to just snap away!

photo by Dawn B.

photo by Dawn B.

I LOVE moss...mossy rocks, tree trunks, branches, anything
and living here in the northwest there is LOTS of moss!

Sweet Kylie and Lucy!

photo by Dawn B.

The refuge has lots of trails...we stayed on this boardwalk path that took you out to the observation deck

There really wasn't much wildlife to see besides ducks...but there was a gentleman who had set up his BIG camera with a live video, and was able to zoom back into the wood 100 yards or so and show us an Owl's nest...very cool!

I am just crazy for these barns!!

These four look like they might be related to the Twilight Cullens!!!

Dawn B. and her little Faith!

The Girls and I (photo by Dawn B.)

We took the kids out for Pizza after all that exercise :), and then took them to Cabela's, a GIANT sportsman store that is practically a small museum of animals inside along with a waterfall and aquarium!

It was such a fun day, and I am sure if you twisted the Boys' arms they would tell you they had a good time!



  1. wow! i heard you got out into "nature" & you weren't kidding!
    dawn, your photos are incredible. i'm going back to look some more.
    LOVE the giant barns. they must house giraffes, no?
    {and your hunters are adorable & cheery in that perfectly dreamy landscape} ♥

  2. Great pictures, Dawn! I LOVE barns, bridges and the ocean! What a fun day and the best we can do around here is bundle up and get out....once the rain mostly stops!

  3. You are doing quite well using manual. Lovely, lovely pics!

  4. Hooray for you, getting out and enjoying the area you live in. :) Much better for everyone.