Sunday, September 23, 2012

fall weekending~

we kicked off our weekend friday night
with some football!

our high school was the channel 4 
high school team of the week
so the team did a cool chant in the tunnel
before heading out to the field

grammy, papa, aunt deanna, uncle peter 
and camryn came to the game with us
which made it SO fun! 

lucy and camryn got to cheer 
with the cheerleaders....we had
very happy girls!

powell made it home in time to go to the 
game with us!!

and I got a family picture!!!

on saturday we walked a 5k in support of jensen and his eagle
scout project...he raised $2500 for International China Concern!

the rest of our weekend was party prep central :)
lucy's Little Red Riding Hood birthday party is next 
weekend at my mom's house...toby spent time working in their yard 
making all the final preparations...and I was able to get some projects completed
here is a sneak peak...

and i never got that pumpkin spice latte!


  1. what an AWESOME weekend!!!
    your boys are so, so handsome.
    i know how happy it makes you to have everyone together. the beautiful photo is the icing on the cake {but it's some REALLY good icing!}
    i cannot WAIT to see lucy's fairy tale birthday come to life! will there be a wolf? ♥

    1. i need a wolf...on the "hunt" for wolf ears and a nose... blake has offered to dress up as the wolf disguised as granny with a robe and shower cap :)

  2. What a fun weekend. I love all the activities that fall brings along with it.

    1. me too courtney...fall is my favorite!

  3. I love how all the party things turned out. They look awesome. I think you should let Blake be the wolf that is great

  4. Looks like a FABULOUS weekend!!!! Love that Lucy got to cheer. Kate is doing that in a few weeks here.

    Her party prep looks fun and I LOVE the family picture. You all look GREAT. you are looking very slender Dawn!!!

    1. thanks Kim!! I am so excited for Lucy's party :)
      I have been doing yoga and started pilates and mix that with a little stress...a recipe for weight loss (not something I would necessarily reccomend..the stress part :)

  5. What a perfect first fall weekend! So fun to have all of the family together. Lucy's party sounds like it is going to be fabo. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. I made Liliah some pom poms this weekend and she loved them. Now, go get that pumpkin latte, looks like you deserve it.

    1. thanks Sharon...I checked one my thing off my "dream list" when Lucy cheered that night :)...and I will get that latte since you said so!! hugs to you!!

  6. Great Family Picture! And, I can't wait for the party pics!