Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy GOLDEN 18th Birthday Blake Tobias!!

Happy Birthday Blue Eyes

18 years ago you entered this world a little 9lb 5oz bundle of joy, with a fat roll 
on the back of your neck, and the best cheeks ever!

LOOK at you now...a smart handsome kind athletic compassionate MAN!
You are a wonderful Son and a patient and loving Brother~

We love you Blake
 and we are so excited to watch you experience all that God 
has planned for your will do it all with your usual "casual laid back" style
and always with a smile on your face.

Happy GOLDEN Birthday Blake!!


  1. Happy Birthday my grandson. I hope life treats you fair, you are a truly wonderful grandson and you have become a handsome and loving man. May all your wishes come true, you deserve it.
    Dennis and Grammy

  2. happy birthday, blake!

    dawn ~ we need to see a baby picture!

  3. What a beautiful birthday wish for your boy, Dawn.... Happy Birthday, Blake!!