Sunday, June 30, 2013

Favorite Things...and a couple new finds!

Since graduation, I really haven't 
picked up my camera much
I seem to be on Instagram alot lately
it's just so easy!

I wanted to share a few fun things that
I am loving right now...

this Tree Hut Coconut Lime 
Body Scrub
smells like a Hawaiian vacation
enough said!

I saw this tea in the grocery store 
and was intrigued...
it's delicious!

Picked these chips up 
because they sounded delicious
they did not disappoint
you MUST give the a try
(I found them at WalMart)

This oatmeal soap from Sappo Hill
is a long time favorite!  I kind of forgot 
about it for awhile and then just saw it at
my grocery store truly smells
like an oatmeal cookie!
(I know my friend Catie is a big fan too!)

Do you have any new favorites??



  1. Those all sound great. I love hearing about new products:)

  2. yes, i love the oatmeal cookie soap.
    AND that it comes with zero packaging.
    i am on the lookout for your other finds - they all sound incredible ♥