Monday, July 1, 2013

My Summer Stack

Well, this is it
my summer reading book stack
a little ambitious you think?? 

Just a couple days ago I found 
on my library's "sale" shelf for $1
so they had to join the stack

 is another Persephone Book
that I have wanted to read

was sent to me from my friend Nicki
she introduced me to Sarah Jio
and this will be the third of her books that I have read
Love her...she is a local Seattle author and her stories take 
place here in the northwest

I am reading now...LOVE

I just finished and LOVED

are two classics I have wanted to read
so we'll see how far I get :)


  1. I just watched Mansfield Park on Netflix. Had not seen it in years, but I have never read it. I LOVE East of Eden! It is not an easy breezy read, but very, very good! The only other one I have read here is Beautiful Ruins and I really enjoyed it! I have never heard of The Lake of Dreams. Will be interested to know what you think of it.
    Happy Reading!

    1. Em...I think I will watch Mansfield Park on Netflix, I have never seen it. So many people love East of Eden...Toby reminded me I tried to read it once before :) I dont recall, but I will try again!

  2. I love my library. We just picked up new books yesterday. Everyday in the summer we do this D.E.A.R. Drop everything and read... for 30 mins sometime an hour. It's wonderful. I'm almost done with A Million Miles In A Thousand Years... Love.. and have you picked up Bloom by Kelle Hampton? The photography is gorgeous. I've heard mixed reviews on the content... I'd love to know if you read it. Kim and I discussed it a little last night. Sure wish you lived closer. East of Eden is a favorite!!!

    1. We love the library too! I love the DEAR idea..I think we must try that! I do have to "make" Lucy much as she loves buying or checking out a new book, it is a little struggle to make her read. I am going to add A Million Miles to my future list. I have not read Bloom..might have to check it out from the library now. Ok you are another who loves East of Eden..I must read! I wish I lived closer to you too..oh the fun! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm going on vacations soon and need something good. xoxo