Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

On Mother's Day this year we
had gorgeous weather.
I have wanted to go to Lakewold Gardens 
for quite sometime and walk the grounds, 
so that's what I got to do!

I feel so blessed every time I look
at this picture, to be surrounded by 
these 4 precious people, it is 
all I ever wanted...
to be a Mom and a wife!

I just pretended like this was my estate for the day.
I truly could see myself living my life here :)
even if it was 1910...I would be so happy.

My sweet little photographer
capturing her shot.

Seriously, though, how does this happen?
How did they become men so fast?
They all wrote the sweetest words in my 
card that I will cherish.

See what I mean??  This house, could you not live here?

None of this would be possible without Toby
so for him I am truly grateful!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom.
She has walked a path that no mother should have to walk
and yet she smiles and pushes on to be the 
best Mom and Grammy we could ask for!
I love you Mom!


  1. Thank you Dawn. I am truly a great full that you are my daughter, I could of not asked for anyone more loving and precious to gave me the strength to go on when I wanted to give up., I love you all my sweet daughter.

  2. Thank you Dawn for your words of kindness. I love you more than you will ever know. You were the one who gave me the strength to continue on. How often did I want to give up but you were always there to support and encourage me.You and I have lost a huge part of our lives, and yet we both continue to move on. The greatest gift in life besides being a mom is being a good grandmother to all my grandchildren. I love you