Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Package for Lucy

Yesterday I mailed a care package to Lucy. A friend is sending a box to the orphanage, so she let me include my box. Inside we put a photo album of our family, a baby doll (that I kissed many times), a small blanket from Grandma, 3 packages of "hair pretties" for all the girls, DumDum suckers to share with her friends, chocolates for the nannies, and a disposable camera. Maybe it will get to her in time for Chinese New Year!

(I bought 2 baby dolls from ChinaSprout, I sent one to Lucy, and I will bring the other to China, and have it when she is brought to us. Also, in her photo album, there is a picture of me holding her baby so maybe on Gotcha Day I will seem a little more familiar)

~ We love you Lucy Joy JingXuan~


  1. Hopefully the nannies will know they are to share the suckers and hair pretties with the other children and not give them ALL to Lucy!

    I hope they take lots of pictures of her for you!

  2. Perfect! We sent a similar care package to Mia and she came to us with the dolly we had sent! She seemed to love it and find comfort in it :) She still has it in her crib today. We also got the camera back with many photos - priceless!

    It was so nice to have that "contact" with our daughter beforehand...

  3. What a sweet, special, and adorable care package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you get LOTS of Lucy pictures!

  4. We'll pray that the package gets to Lucy by the Chinese New Year and that the nannies take pictures on the camera and return it to you. Wasn't it fun buying and doll for your little girl?!!

  5. How exciting to know that soon she will have a little piece of you with her!

  6. Isn't it so much fun to send the care packages?! I am sure Lucy will love her surprises and hopefully you will get lots of pictures of her with her SWI sisters and brothers!!

  7. Awww! What a very special and very sweet package that is coming her way. I am sure that Lucy will be THRILLED!!! I am sure she is going to love the doll that you are sending....and like joanne mentioned, maybe she will have it when you pick her up. I am sure she will find a lot of comfort in it. I also hope you get many pictures with the camera!!

  8. Such a sweet package! Lucy is going to LOVE it!

    I hope the camera is full of photos when you get it back!

  9. What a great idea.

    We were just told that we could send off it went today. I wish I would of found your blog before today. Good ideas.