Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You~

Thank you to the several people who nominated me and my blog for the Daily Dose and Blogging with a Purpose awards. I apologize my "thank you" has taken this long, and because I did wait, every blog that I visit and consider my "daily dose" have been nominated! So to, Joanne, Christy, Jennifer, and Jill, thank you for your nomination, and congratulations on yours!


  1. OH DAWN!!! I have not been on your blog for a few days and totally missed all the AMAZINGLY cute pics of Lucy!!! I cant belive what a doll she is and I am soooooo excited you got your fingerprint appointment. We will pray for a quick 171 turn around. How long are 171 taking in your area?

    Chrisyt :)

  2. Yay for your fingerprint appointment!! Every little progress with immigration is sooo exciting!!!

  3. Dear Dawn,
    I happened on your site through a comment you posted on "Truly Blessed" site. I too live in WA (Duvall) and have actually had the pleasure of meeting both K1 and Kelly in September '07 ~ delightful ladies I must say.

    I also have had the pleasure of dealing with USCIS not once but twice in this long process we call international adoption. We are currently LID 1/27/06 (getting closer) for NSN and unfortunately have had to re-file our I-600A paperwork in the process. Our first experience with Immigration was a trip that we took over to Yakima and did both the application turn-in and fingerprints at the same time, as our social worker advised us that this would take the least amount of time. Boy, it sure did as we had our I-171H in our hands within 30 days. The second time, not so much, as the rules had changed and they would no longer allow you to come to Yakima for appointments. So we sent the application and waited for our fingerprint appointments (in Tukwila) - which we were told that we could "Drop in" and wait in line for them ONLY if we missed the scheduled appointment that they set for us.

    So, in answer to your question, you could try to "drop in" and see what they say since it isn't that far away, but know that they might not grant you an appointment for it. The other scenario might be that they say 'Yes' but be prepared to wait for many hours. Friends of our who adopted their daughter (Lucy in fact)back in 2005, waited for 4 hours with their 3 other kids in tow - YIKES!

    Our appointment was for 8am and I was told to be there when the doors open because if we waited until a few minutes before, the line would be really long (which it was). We did get there early and waited 1 hour for the 'fingerprint' office to open and then it only took about 30 minutes more of waiting before we were done.

    So...sorry this post is so long, I just wanted to give you as much information as possible as well as say HEY to a fellow Washington adopting family.

    Oh yeah, looks like we have more in common than just adopting a baby girl. I also have 3 boys (10th, 8th & 6th grades) as well as took on the challenge this year of homeschooling them! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask ~ you can email me at or check my blog

    LID 1/27/06

  4. What did you decide? Did you try today or are you going to wait until Thursday?

  5. Your blog is just darling! I can't wait for Lucy's shower!!!

  6. I am just stopping by to get another peak at that precious little girl of yours! I bet you are just bursting with excitement!