Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lucy's Wardrobe

I have slowly been buying things for Lucy. Since I have not received updated measurements, I have been hesitant to buy too much.
**My Mom bought the cute pink pea coat~
**The "Hen dress" is my favorite!! The brand is Misha LuLu, and I had never seen their clothes before, they are so cute!


  1. OH I love it all! Lucy will look SOOOOO cute in all of it!

  2. Love it all! Isn't it sooooooo much fun to shop for girls!!!

  3. I love these clothes! Especially the chicken dress, Myah was born in 2005, the year of the rooster so any time I see a chicken or rooster I think of her. Is Lucy a rooster too?
    I would love a square from you. I can't remember if you have my address or not. Let me know! Thank you so much!

  4. Those are so adorable!!!!!!!

    I am right there with you wanting to get clothes but trying not to since I'm not sure about the size...URG.

    I hear there are many deal ot be found in CHina, if we could just have patience...whats that?! Oh, you mean like when we already had to wait all this time for our babies!!?

    Sorry, I got carried away. heehee

    Anyway, I think its VITAL to have some of her things around you. She is such a pretty little thing, they will all look so lovely on her.

  5. I love these outfits. Those little dresses are adorable!

    You must love buying things for Lucy. I keep thinking of how much fun you two will have once she's home!


  6. One is cuter than the next! I love the Hen dress - adorable! I bought lots for Lucy prior to going to China, actually prior to our referral. Almost everything I bought was too big because I thought she would be older. So once we received her referral I had to start again:). Your Little Miss Lucy is going to be so cute in anything you put her in! Have fun with your retail therapy during your wait.

  7. Dawn, these are adorable. I love the hen dress too~ sweet. :)
    Enjoy all that shopping!

  8. Dawn,

    They are all adorable!!! i am going to try to find that hen dress...I LOVE it!!!


  9. Too bad she won't have a thing to wear...

    Thanks for sharing your fun, girly finds...


  10. Oh Lucy - you are going to look so beautiful in these things your family has picked for you!

    Love the hen dress - too cute!


  11. That adorable chicken dress must just go with little girls named Lucy.

    I saw it the first time today on a blog for a little Lucy from Vietnam, then on another Lucy from Hunan's blog and finally here.

    I love it! Just adorable

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