Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Somewhere behind these walls our little girl waits for her family. I pray that she knows she has a family, and that her package will get to her soon.
**our care package was delayed due to the snowstorms, and as of today, they have not received it.

We have not heard from our agency if they have received our dossier back from the Chinese Consulate, which they will then send to China. I know that all that can be done is pray and know that God's timing is always perfect...


  1. Oh, I hope the package arrives soon and also that you are DTC very soon!

    Love the little dresses in the post below...very cute!

  2. Oh I wish the powers that be would SPEED UP!!!

  3. Oh, the wait ~ it's SO hard! I really feel for you. I bet the package will arrive soon since the weather has been calming down there. If she doesn't know about her family,when she receives her package she will feel the love from all of you! Once you are DTC, what timeframe are you looking at from there??

  4. It must be agonizing! The not knowing is always the hardest. Praying for good news on both accounts!

    p.s. We have the same little pink coat for Olivia and I LOVE it!

  5. I know this is hard. Keep the faith!!!


  6. I know it must be so hard just waiting. I hope she gets her package soon.

  7. Hang in there!!:) This is the tough part....the waiting after you have that precious picture to look at constantly. Many blessings for all to go speedy and smoothly!
    Can't wait to see pictures of Lucy in all those adorable outfits!:)

  8. Hope you'll be seeing ladybugs soon!

  9. I know the waiting is so hard! I'm hoping and praying she receives her package soon and that you are DTC very soon!!!!!!