Thursday, September 11, 2008


Update: A couple of people have asked about Lucy's "Happy Birthday" and "Lucy" banner. Lori gave us bloggers this idea when she did a post awhile back.

Lucy's 4th birthday was perfect! We spent the day together decorating :), picked up balloons for the party, and baked cupcakes (I baked and frosted, Lucy decorated). Lucy had her FAVORITE mien mien (noodles) for her birthday dinner, and then the party started! She truly enjoyed every minute of opening gifts, eating a cupcake, and being the center of attention. A fabulous 4th birthday for Our Little China Girl~


  1. Lucy We love you so much. I am so happy we can celebrate your birthdays with you. I can not imagine our life without you in it. You are such a blessing and we love you so much.
    I am so happy that you were chosen to be our granddaughter and that you can live here in the united states with us and all the wonderful things we can do for you for you here and all the possibilities you have here. Many blessing to you my beautiful granddaughter you have changed our lives so much.
    We love you
    Grammy and PaPa

  2. Wow. I just stubbled apon your blog and read through most of it. Happy Birthday Lucy. I can see how happy and loved she is. God has truely blessed you all. What a special gift.

  3. Glad you had such a great day! Looks like so much fun!!

    Dawn, she looks like she had such a great time! The decorations are fun!!


  4. Happy Birthday sweet Lucy...I'm so happy she enjoyed her party. She is a doll and just full of personality.


  5. I just cant belive she is 4-- wow!!! She is just adorable and really seems to be a very outgoing little girl. She seems to taken by every little thing and has such joy in her face. I just love seeing her smile-- it is really priceless!!

    Happy Birthday Lucy!!

    Christy :)

  6. Happy birthday Lucy!

    How cute is she??

    I knew there would be banners! They are adorable! Everything looks perfect. So cute and girly!

    So happy for all of you Dawn. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to see Lucy at home :)

  7. Looks like a great party! Love the decorations - she looks so at home and so very happy :)

  8. Happy Birthday Lucy! She is such a doll! Her tutu pictures are adorable too!


    She truly is a cutie!!

    Where did you find her name on the string, along with the matching happy birthday??

  10. What adorable decorations- just right for an adorable little girl! It looks like Lucy had a wonderful Birthday! Have a great weekend! Love, Kim

  11. happy birthday. what a cool party.

  12. It looks like the day was just wonderful.

    Can you post about how she's doing with learning (speaking and understanding) English? I've been wondering...

  13. She is just so amazing cute! I love her big crown and all of the house decorations. You really know how to celebrate a birthday over there! Happy Birthday beautiful Lucy!

  14. Darling Lucy...I am so sorry I was not in town for your first birthday with your new family!! I know it was your fourth birthday on this earth but it was your first with your loving family. I know you had a wonderful time and each of your birthdays to come will be even better!!

    I love having you as my first granddaughter and thank you so much for bringing such joy to our family...we will love you forever, Sweet Lucy.

    Love Yeh Yeh (Pop)

  15. Happy Birthday Lucy!

    What a perfect party - Dawn, it all looks perfect, everything.

    WIshing you a fabulous year - four is fabulous:)


  16. Happy Belated Birthday sweet Lucy! My Mei Mei shares the same birthday with you!

  17. Dawn, what a sweet, sweet party! I love Lucy in her little apron, especially the picture of her laughing!! I love her blowing out the candle too! Grandma looks so happy with her granddaughter!!
    Everything is just so pretty, the balloons, bags, cupcakes and the banners are just fabulous!!! :D
    Happy Birthday Miss Lucy

  18. What a fabulous and adorable party. I love all the decorations and Lucy's fancy tutu.

    Happy 4th Birthday, Lucy.

  19. What an adorable birthday celebration. it looks great! Happy belated birthday. I feel bad that I have not been her in so long and that I missed Lucy's bug day (on the blog). Between the move and the hurricane I have not been good about keeping up with my blog buddies. Sorry.