Friday, September 12, 2008

~All About Lucy~

On Monday, Lucy will have been with us for 6 weeks (home for 5), so I wanted to do an update on her adjustment and language. I am using this blog in lieu of a scrapbook, so that is why my update is here...and why it is so long :)

~She truly is a joy...I know I say that alot, but it is true. We feel so blessed that her transition into our family has been so smooth. Not once, has she become frustrated or upset when we have misunderstood her...she simply will say it again and try to show us what she wants. So far, I have not seen any attachment issues with her. She was reaching out for everyone when we were in China, but as we have been home she will want others to hold her, but it is never for long, and she always comes back to Baba or I. I do know that this could still become an issue, so I am constantly evaluating

~In the last 2 weeks Lucy's language has taken off. A couple weeks after we came home, I could tell she was understanding what I would tell her (along with gestures), and now she seems to be understanding most everything. She does still understand more than she speaks, but now is constantly repeating everything I say to her in English, and if she says something to me in "ba wah" (phonetically spelled :), she follows it with, "hold me".

It has been such a HUGE help that we have learned so many Chinese phrases, so we are able to understand many of the things she says to us on a daily "go potty" "drink water" "drink tea" "no time for bed!" "time to eat" "come here" "just a minute" and alot of others. I have found myself not saying some of these things to her in English, 1. because it is just easier to say it in Chinese, but, 2. I have been so worried she is going to lose her Chinese I forget how important it is to learn English that is something I am working on :)

~We do still communicate alot with our own version of "charades".

When it is time for her bath or to tell her I am going to take a shower, we pretend like we are washing our hair and body.

When she wants to go for a walk and ride in the stroller, she pretends like she is pushing a stroller and says "push"

~Here is a list of what she says most often~

How about this one?? - I think I must ask her this alot :)
So cute
Quiet - she says this to the dog...I am starting to realize what I tend to say quite often :)
Grammy , Papa, Powell, Blake, Bennett, and even some of the boy's friends names

I know there are more I can't recall...they seem to be coming very quickly now!

~I did just find her a Chinese teacher. I am determined to help her keep as much of her Chinese as I can. She will go for one hour/one day a week, to more of a playtime with her teacher and her children. We visited one day this week, and Lucy seemed to really enjoy it.

~Things Lucy Loves~

~falling asleep in her bed at night with Baba
~taking baths
~playing memory games
~going on walks in her stroller
~going bye-bye
~playing outside
~seeing her Baba come home at the end of the day
~greeting her brothers when they come home from school, or picking them up
~playing with her magnadoodle
~pretend cooking - oh how I had dreamed of playing this with my daughter one day!
~writing, drawing, coloring, painting, play-doh...crafts - that's my girl!
~playing with ANYONE's cell phone - she has been doing this since the day we met her, so someone in her SWI started this one :)
~taking pictures with MY camera
~mien (noodles), rice, green beans, dumplings, congee, spicy


  1. Thanks for posting more details about sweet Lucy. That is wonderful that you are actually speaking Chinese to Lucy and have a Chinese teacher for her and want her to retain as much Chinese as possible. Lucy always looks adorable but extra cute and girly in all her tutus! Blessings, Wendy

  2. I love reading about Lucy. I am so happy to hear how well she has adjusted. I am praying so hard for Cate's transition. Do you have any last minute tips?

  3. That is such a great post! I loved following every detail. I worry about bailey's talking sometimes but know it will be fine in time. Thanks for sharing this and visiting me. It really feels like we are in this together since we are so close in our experiences!!
    Love and HUgs to you all!!

  4. Hi Dawn - I LOVE this post - I love hearing about all the fun things Lucy is doing and how good her transition has been. It is so heartwarming - I come here just to see her beautiful smile - she is every bit a gift from God.

    Thank you for sharing with us.


  5. Lucy does sound like such a Joy :) It sounds like she is doing amazing! I'm glad you are keeping her "up" on her Chinese - Mia and I are actually starting a Chinese language and culture program that is thru our local FCC . . .

  6. I cant belive she is doing so well. I am just so impressed. I tell you, from the moment I saw her I knew she was special!!! That little girl is amazing. is there any sign of her disability or that totally not here?? I am just amazed at this little girl. Also, what we discussed in emails-- it looks like she is just about as smart as a whip-- no sign of issues in that area.

    I am just as happy as can be with her progress!!

    Christy :)

  7. Oh Dawn, I am so happy that Lucy is doing so well! I've been meaning to e-mail but I really stink at it! LOL She is far more ahead of Lia in speaking but their problems are on opposite sides which can make a huge difference. I'm just so happy Lucy is doing so well! :)

  8. What a wonderful post this is. I love seeing her grow and flourish with the love of her family. You are truly blessed!

  9. oh I have tried to get Emily a teacher....she still remembers some....11 months home now.....mostly she laughs when I speak it...who knows what I sound like to her!! LOL...

    I still know how to ask were the bathroom is !!!

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  11. Getting up to speed on the comings & goings of Lucy! I can tell that her adjustment is going so well! She has such a joyful spirit! And what a smartie! (I would love to see video of her speaking Chinese!)

  12. Has it been that long that she has been home? Doesn't seem like it... glad that things are going fine... that she is understanding what you are saying... love that photo of her in her little Ballet Dress... to cute...

  13. What a great post! It is clear that she has a vibrant spirit and you have a wonderful family nuturing that little spirit of hers. Have a great week.


  14. Miss Lucy is doing so well!! Time sure is flying by. What a great 4th birthday party. Loved all the pictures, and especially the ones with a tutu. Isn't all the girly stuff the best?!?

  15. Dawn, I'm so glad to hear that Lucy has adjusted so well, she sure seems like a delight!! I think it's great that you are trying to continue the Chinese language for her too!
    Thanks for your comment the other day, I always enjoy hearing from you!
    I have a little package I'm finally sending out for Miss Lucy...I took it to the post office today only to forget the I will send tomorrow. :)
    Also, I haven't forgotten the apron pattern you asked me about 75 years ago...I think to do it all the time, I just don't know what to use to copy it?!! I think tissue paper is too fragile? Maybe I'll just use fabric?
    I'll work on that! :D
    (sorry for the long comment)

  16. Hi Dawn,

    I love reading about Lucy's adjustment. She sounds like such a delight!

    I'm glad Lucy is enjoying Pinkalious. It my favorite little girl book. :)


  17. She sounds just perfect! I loved all the birthday pictures and especially the tutu!! THat is adorable. I am so happy for you!

  18. She is irresistible! I love her smile. What a blessing. I am happy she is transitioning so well.

  19. I am so happy Lucy has transitioned so well. She is a little doll...her smile can light a room!