Saturday, September 13, 2008

~Thank you Aunty Andrea & Makenna Riley~

Lucy received this cookie bouquet and balloons for her birthday. She was so excited to see it on the front porch when we came home. Lucy loved her cookie and was very sweet to share with her brothers~

Thank you Aunty Andrea & Makenna Riley...we can't wait to see you in a week!!

Love, Lucy Joy


  1. Oh Lucy you are just the cutest. I can just hear you saying yummy as you take a bite of that cookie. You have blessed and made our lives so much richer. I don't know how we made it as long as we did without you.
    I love you so much

  2. Lucy is SO precious!
    Those cookies are too cute and look yummy!

  3. Oh... what a lucky little princess she is... oh that smile gets me everytime...

  4. Beautiful bouquet and they look yummy!! What a 'sweet' gift!