Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lucy's Gotcha Day full of Favorites!

Lucy and I headed out for our day full of favorites!

Our first stop...
We headed straight for the nail polish! Lucy brought along her own shopping bag :)
We have accumulated a large assortment of polish in the last two years :) today's selection was a little harder.

Lucy ended up choosing a sparkly Gold polish named Paris

Next stop......

there didn't seem to be quite the selection of samples today as there is usually, but Lucy enjoyed it all!

The Library was our next is so pretty there in front that we stopped to take some photos on the walkway~

Where does this Girl learn to pose???

aaahhhhh books!

After the library we headed home to get our lasagna ready and get those toes painted. The gold polish is the one Lucy chose today!

After Daddy came home...we headed to the park!

...and last but not least the cherry Dilly Bar!

What a wonderful day to celebrate an amazing little Girl!
Happy 2 Years to our Sweet Lucy Joy!


  1. awww....what a great day!! And your little Lucy is just a precious doll!! Love her poses and expressions!! She makes me smile!!

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  4. Lucy you have been such a blessing to us and have brougt us Joy like your namesake, you have completed our lives. God looked down upon us with much favor when he sent us you. Your beautiful smile, your warm heart and your unselfishness has taught us so much. You truly make me see things in a different light.
    Happy two years my precious little one.
    We love you so very much
    Our hearts are larger because of you.
    Grammy and Papa

  5. Happy 2 years together!!! Lucy looks like she had the time of her life...what a perfect way to celebrate :)

  6. I actually laughed out loud at the picture of Lucy with her own shopping bag! You are teaching her well, Mom! :)


  7. It seems like Miss Lucy had the perfect day! What fun!!!
    Hugs galore~

  8. Awwww, Happy Happy 2 Years together!!!! I remember that day like it was yesterday following along on your blog, and you look at her today and it's like she has been with you forever!
    You can just see her love for life! She picked the perfect way to celebrate!

  9. What a perfect day! She is such a beautiful girl with such a joyful spirit! And she does know how to strike a pose! Hope you have a great day!


  10. She looks so excited. I bet she soaked up every special moment.

  11. Lucy looks like she had a fun and fabulous day celebrating!!!! Happy day!!!

  12. Happy Day!! She is just adorable! I love all the poses... I think a girl just knows :)

  13. Love the polish! Great pick Lucy! haha!
    And.. momma.. the girl can strike a pose! lOL! She is so CUTE!

    Love those long locks! We just had Faith's cut. Ilove her new do.. but, I do miss her long hair a little.
    Hope you're have a wonderful summer!

  14. She looks so big! I love all the pictures, and her smile! She is such a joy, and named so appropriatly :) Hugs from the Brown's!

    I had to pop over and say hello....and sweet LUCY 2 years with your family how wonderful for all of you, congratulations!! I cannot believe how big Lucy gorgeous! BTW...Walgreen's and RED dilly bars are 2 of my favorite things also...that was always the color i picked.....i can taste it now!!
    Love & Happiness to you all!!!!

  16. Dawn those poses are priceless!! LOL
    Thank you for sharing Lucy with all of us.