Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celebrating 2 years with Our Lucy Joy!

There have been many discussions recently regarding celebrating "Gotcha Days". Our journey to Lucy was full of so much joy, but I know there are others with as much heartbreak as there is joy. Lucy was 3 1/2 the day she became ours, and I do not know how much she truly remembers of that day, but she KNOWS there is a special day when she became ours in China...and that is HER Gotcha Day, and she can't wait to celebrate. I will honor and celebrate this day for her as long as she wishes, and I will pray that one day she will understand why this is her story.

So today we celebrate 2 wonderful years with our Lucy Joy. We thank God for 2 wonderful years with our Lucy Joy.

Last year we asked Lucy how she wanted to celebrate her day, and this is what she chose. Again, this year we asked her the same question, and here is what she chose...each one of these things are truly her favorite things to do!

Go to Walgreens and buy nail polish
Go to Costco and eat samples
Go to the library and check out books
Pedicure from Mommy
Play with Blake's Ipod
Go to the baseball park with Daddy
Go to Dairy Queen and get cherry dilly bars
Lasagna for dinner
Put on a concert for her family!

So, today we celebrate a day which we know every moment was orchestrated by God. HE had a plan for our sweet Girl from the moment she was born, and though we may not be able to answer all of the questions she may have someday, we do know for sure she was meant to be our Lucy Joy Jingxuan.


  1. Dawn, Lucy & family,

    Happy 2nd Gotcha celebration! Love the list of her favorites...I mean a pedicure and ice cream...those would make my list! Can you believe you've reached 2 years! Here is to many, many more days of celebration

  2. Happy Gotcha Day anniversary! I can't believe it has already been two years! Lucy was the perfect addition to your family. You are soooo blessed!

  3. Happy gotcha day sweet Lucy girl and to many more. Praise God for His faithfulness. He had a plan for Lucy before she was born and how awesome that your family was written into that amazing plan! We serve a mighty God!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day! I love her choices of what to do today, especially goint to Costco for samples!!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day -- what a wonderful list of things to do! Joy is the perfect name for her, isn't it! Enjoy your special day!


  6. Happy Gotcha Day!! I just love her sweet little list. (Olivia loves Costco samples too!) I have so enjoyed watching her blossom the last 2 years. She's just precious!


  7. Happy Gotcha Day! Revel in every second on this VERY special day. Loads of love to Lucy!

  8. Lucy, I remember so well when I bought up your picture for the very first time on the internet on your "gotcha" day.....I first called Grandma Emily to tell her we could see you at last and then I cried with happiness that we "gotcha"....

    I love you, Lucy Joy!!!!

    Love, your Yeh Yeh Pops

  9. Happy Gotcha Day! Lucy, you are one sweet lucky girl, and the Powell family is lucky too! Blessings to you all!

  10. Awww Dawn this is beautiful! I love her bday request list, so sweet.

  11. God has lovingly blessed this family. Yes we too suffer our grief but God so knew we would Lucy in our life. I don't know how you can not be a part of us.
    I love you my baby doll