Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucy Loves Watermelon, Water and Washing Daddy's Car!

Lucy's favorite food of all time is "xi gua" (shee gwa) or watermelon. I know that she has grown up with it since she was a baby in China. When we went to visit her orphanage (two years ago this week!), we were welcomed in one of the offices with a HUGE plate of watermelon...and they told us that "xuan xuan" loved xi gua. To this day, Lucy, and well all of us still call it "xi gua"!
She was over the moon excited to find this bathing suit this year...she also found a
xi gua towel!

Lucy loves water, and she loves it cold! She will hop in her pool right after we fill it up straight from the hose!

....And Lucy's newest favorite washing the car! Today she got to help her Daddy wash his car, and it was the highlight of her day!


  1. She is adorable, as always! Love that bathing suit. Olivia loves xi gua too. She ate tons of it when I was in China with her.


  2. Max and Viv loves watermelon too! Love your pictures...Lucy to adorable! She is really getting into washing the cute!


  3. Dawn, I don't think i've ever seen a more precious little girl (with the exception of my own) ;)

  4. My little Lucy you just get more precious everyday.
    I love you so much.
    P.S. How much for the car wash?

  5. lucy ~
    ned loves xi gua almost as much as you do!
    {i L♥Ve your swim suit.}
    ♥ catie

  6. Oh Dawn, that first picture is just too sweet! Love this entire post.

  7. That swimsuit is too cute. I love the car wash pictures, she looks so determined in what she is doing.

  8. What a little sweetie! Love that swimsuit! Great helper -- i need some help with washing my car! Hope you have a great week!