Monday, July 26, 2010

Yummy Lotion Sunscreen

My friend Catie recently posted on her blog, that in the summer she loves using Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil in her bath...for that beachy summertime smell!

I am not a bath I thought I would give their lotion sunscreen a try. I bought this one at Target...and does it smelly YUMMY!!! I think because of the "sheer touch" is really light and feels like your putting on lotion instead of sunsreen. So now after I shower, I lather this goodness on and smell like I am in a tropical paradise.

(go HERE to get a $1 off coupon!)

Let me know if you decide to "go on a tropical getaway" :)


  1. yay, dawn!
    you are one resourceful shower girl!
    now you will smell like tropical goodness PLUS get the benefit of sunscreen.
    love you!
    ♥ catie

  2. Dawn, I can smell the tropical goodness from here! Thank you so much for your comment on my's still under construction for sure, but it's nice to have a "home" on the web! xoxo

  3. We are going to the beach for a week... Anna Maria Island in Florida. We leave on Sat. Instead of the generic sunscreen I have in my beach bag, I think I'll go get some Hawaiian Tropic. It's the second suntan oil I used as a child after Coppertone. We were in Hawaii, and of course back in the olden days we used the oil... sunTAN oil... not sunscreen! When any of us smell that particular smell... it's takes us all the way back to 1970.

    Thanks for the memories!

  4. I love this smell too!!!! Remember, I am a cocoNUT fool!

  5. I bought that lotion for our vacation and just LOVE the smell!! Haven't needed it here yet though. :)

  6. lOVE this scent too, reminds me my Vacation in Greece with my parents long time ago!

  7. I do love this smell. My doctor informed me that I have a very large vitamin D deficiency as do most American adults and it comes from lack of sun. We do not need all this sunscreen except when at the beach directly sunbathing. Nature is good for us when not in excess. just thought i would pass this on.