Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer's End's almost over, the lazy days of summer
This summer was not full of week long vacations to the beach, or aiplane trips to amusement parks, but as I look at all these was full of lots of laughs and lots of memories~

~we spent lots of time playing in the water

~and laying in the sun ☀

~we welcomed family from out of town, and played tourist in our own city

~we celebrated birthday's of loved ones we miss

~and we celebrated our independence

~we ate LOTS of meals outside

~and spent lots of time reading in the sun

~we celebrated with little ones oh so young

~and we celebrated friends reaching new milestones

~we toasted to friendships we treasure

~we went to the zoo

~we celebrated each other

~we enjoyed every sunny moment

~we remembered how much our lives have been blessed these past two years

~we waited with friends to welcome home their new brothers

~ we colored ALOT ☺

~we got to visit with our Pop and have a picnic in the park

~and we celebrated new friendships

So long Summer....thanks for the memories!


  1. Sounds like great times!!! Love the photos!

  2. Dawn...I loved loved loved all your family photos and love seeing Lucy grow up (and her killer shoes, too :-) Happy you're all together and well and hopefully Powell is keeping that car in tip top shape :-)

  3. You did a beautiful job with all the memories

  4. What a GREAT summer! Love your photos. Lucy is SO cute. I can't believe how big she's getting.

    The RL and watermelon bathing suits are too cute!