Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School - The Boys!

Bennett - 8th Grade

Blake - 10th Grade

Powell - 12th Grade
I did my best not to cry while I was taking this picture.
Hard to imagine, it is our last first day of school, time goes fast!


  1. oh...I know that feeling...the last firsts. I took Kylee's today and then I shed a tear when she was not looking. How can we be there already? Your family looks always! And Lucy, so big. xoxoxo

  2. my oldest son is a senior this year's hard!

    your boys are handsome!

    my boys are in 12th, 8th and 6th and Macie is in 1st...keeps us hoppin!

    Jill :0

  3. Can't believe my oldest grandson is a Senior in High School!!! Aren't they all handsome?? How wonderful that they take after their paternal grandfather...Nana would be so proud....

    Love Pops

  4. LOVE seeing all your beautiful back to school kiddos!! (To die for kindergarten outfit!!lol)