Monday, October 25, 2010

College Visit #1 - Washington State University!

This past weekend I took Powell to Eastern Washington to visit WSU.
We had never walked on this campus before, so it was so great to get a tour, talk to professors and current students, and see what WSU has to offer!

Powell and Aunt Deanna checking our the Cougar field!

I think touring ANY school at this time of year in WA could make you want to attend...the colors were absolutely well as the buildings on campus! 

If I was going to this school :)...this is the dorm I would live in ☝...oldest building on campus AND they have TEA PARTIES in the afternoons!!!!

14 years ago I was interviewing the Little Pilgrim Pre-school to see if it was good enough for my Baby...WHERE does the time go??????

So, Powell.......

"Do you think you could be a Cougar???"

I guess we'll wait and see!


  1. Oh my -- what a gorgeous campus! Love the fall colors and the burning bush! So fun to visit colleges! Time has surely flown by! Hard to believe that you will have a college student next fall! Enjoy!


    P.S. Would love to send you some acorns! :)

  2. Wow...checking out colleges?! Love the must have been so nice to spend time with him :)

  3. Wow - hard to believe you have a senior! You and your husband look too young! Good luck to Powell! Wendy

  4. WSU needs to hire you to be their campus photographer! these photos make ME want to go there!