Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Visit #2 - Central Washington University!

Since it was on the way home, and it was Homecoming weekend....
we decided to stop and tour CWU.  Powell had been on this campus for basketball camp, but really never explored it.

Again...the colors alone on this campus could sell me...it is gorgeous, and like WSU has so many beautiful buildings.

This was the Sciences building...and if Powell is going to do Pre-Dentistry...he will be spending LOTS of time in this building! 

This school has a Japanese Garden on Campus....it has internet availability so students can take their laptops into the garden and do homework...not sure how many actually do :)...but I love the idea! 

So, Powell.....

"Do you think you could be a Wildcat???"

I guess we'll wait and see!


  1. Dawn,
    Both campuses are beautiful! What an exciting time for Powell. I remember this feeling as a senior. Your whole life is right before your eyes! It's an amazing feeling of independence mixed with anxiety, mixed with more excitement!

  2. it feels like just yesterday we were playing spies in the basement on New Years Eve. :)
    Emily Bennett

  3. Im ready to enroll and go back to school just looking at these! Great post!

  4. I love Ellensburg and the CWU campus is gorgeous. Between CWU and UW I would positively choose CWU!!!!

  5. I've never been to WSU, although I have lots of Cougar friends, but I would choose WSU over UW too!

    Can you tell I used to patrol the U District? I would choose just about ANY college over UW.