Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homecoming 2010 - Blake (part 1)

This past weekend was Homecoming
Blake was nominated Sophomore Prince

Handsome, and ready to meet his Date! 

Maya and Blake are so fun together.  She is such a sweet girl with a great personality...
They are going to have so much fun at the dance...can't you tell?

Maya had no idea how to pin on Blake's boutonni√®re...  

so, we staged this pic :) and then I pinned it on :)

This is half of Blake's group.  From here they headed to the school to meet up with the rest of their friends for pictures, then off to a friends house for dinner, THEN to the dance!

Bennett and Lucy were very good sports during all the "homecoming hoopla"!

(....to be continued)


  1. They make a great couple. I am sure they had fun together.

  2. Blake is so photogenic! Great pics of him, Maya and friends. What fun Dawn!