Friday, October 15, 2010

In My Kitchen {Pumpkin Scones (JUST like St*arbucks!)}

My friend Catie has a FABULOUS scone recipe, but when it came to making these I just didn't know how to incorporate in the I found a recipe on line, and tweaked it a little...and the result is AMAZING!! you go!!

Mix together dry ingredients, cut in butter (I used my food processor) set aside
Whisk pumpkin, egg and half and half, then fold into dry ingredients.
Turn onto a lightly floured board...seperate dough in half.  With each half shape into a circular mound :) and cut into 4 pie like pieces (this recipe made 8 scones)
Bake at 425 for 14 -16 min

Cool, and then make a glaze of 1c powdered sugar and 2 T milk (half and half)

These are not dry, very cake like....really delicious!


  1. dawn ~
    these look incredible!!!
    a homemade pumpkin scone + a homemade pumpkin spice latte = sorry star☼bucks! we're staying home!

  2. yum! anything pumpkin is so good this time of year!

  3. Hey Dawn I found help for you. I did not know you had this addiction, you must of picked it up from you mom. This group would be good for you it is called "Pumkin Bumkins anonymous" All you have to do to join is bake a pumkin pie, or anything pumkin and bring it to the meeting and you and one other person eat it all. that is how you fix your addiction. the address is 22415 se 329th st. I love you
    any overflow is donated to Tom Brooks

  4. Made these Saturday...they are wonderful!!! Sorry Starbucks!
    xoxo Deb

  5. my thursday coffee group is at my house this week. i already told my friends that i am making these! i can't wait!! thanks for sharing, dawn :)

  6. dawn, i just had to let you know these were a HIT at my coffee today!!! thanks for sharing this variation :) i made them into smaller pieces and had about 12 scones - it was a little more dainty that way! so yummy!