Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Tree

Love this!!
I will be digging through my bookshelves looking for the books to make this!
(Catie...this is screaming your name!)


  1. dawn ~
    yes!!! i saw this in real simple & about did a FLiP! it is soooooo good. i am planning to give this a try.
    {i want to know who came up with this idea... what other cool stuff must they do??}

  2. This is so cute! Such a simple but cool idea. Don't ya just love creative people?

  3. I noticed this in the mag...and thought of several "durls" I know! :)

  4. This is perfect for our looks just like her!!!!! Dawn, I love your header photo.

  5. love this dawn and I agree..SO catie! I haven't picked up Real Simple in a while..did you see Better Homes and Garden with Lauren from Pure Style?? Love her!