Monday, November 8, 2010


My friend Pam does a post like this every Sunday night...I love it!
I think it is a great way to recap what went on our weekends that seem to fly by these here it goes

Toby worked
took Lucy to chinese
met Aunt Deanna for lunch
picked up the house
Bennett had a sleepover
made egg burritos for dinner
caught up on a few blog posts
went to bed early
dog didn't get the message about the time up at 6:30
picked up house again
went to Grammy's
cleaned out the refridgerator
went to the grocery store
made grinder sandwiches for dinner (have you ever made those??)


  1. Never made Grinders before. Can I just tell you how much I want to raid Lucy's closet??!? TOO cute!

  2. Thank you Dawn....makes me feel like we're a lot closer to you all rather than way down here in Comfort!!

    We love you all!! Pops