Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do You Ever??

Make Egg and Potato Burritos for dinner?

Growing up my Mom made these for us all the time!  I remember even taking them in my lunch to school :)

My fondest memory though, was growing up in California and going to a Dodgers Mom would make a big batch of these (she would add in sausage or bacon too), wrap them in foil, and we would take them to the game.  I never cared if we bought food from the concessions stand when we had these...who would??

Everyone in my family now loves them too!


  1. Yummy. Oh, these look delish!!!
    Love your header!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. these look SO good!

    we have baked potatoes one night each week.
    this is perfect for the extra potatoes.
    this week i made a fritata, next week i'll do these! ♥

  3. We call it Brinner- and LOVE it! ;)

  4. Those look very good!

    Sandy Toe (who is now very hungry!)

  5. dawn ~
    i made these tonight & we all loved them.
    i have a new favorite hot sauce (tiger sauce - from winco) and it was perfect with these. i also added a can of pinto beans.
    thank you for another great idea! ♥