Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to go to Aunt Deanna's house.
This year we were lucky to have Tim and Ashley home, and Ryan and his fiance, Jenna, and Uncle Peter joined us this year!

(I carefully picked my battles this year, and let the boys wear what they wanted :) I liked this pic better in black and white, without ALL the color)

Lucy in her Christmas dress, showing off her new handbag ornament 

Blake did sport a Christmas tie :)

♥Lucy and Ashley♥ 

Lucy and Jenna...we are so excited to welcome Jenna into our family!

The traditional Yule Log Aunt Deanna orders every Christmas Eve!

Uncle Peter sent Lucy on a scavenger hunt to find the gifts for her and her brothers...such fun!

Blake was so sweet to help her by reading all the clues! 

The final spot...the foyer closet, and there were 4 ginormous kites!!!

cutie patootie in her owl hat! 

The boys opened these gifts at the same time...a nod to Powell's acceptance letter!!!!!
Crimson and Grey looks good on you P!! 

We always have such a wonderful dinner and great time with everyone on Christmas Eve and look forward to this tradition every year!


  1. Well it's hard to take a bad photo with this good looking bunch! ;)

  2. What a fun Christmas Eve tradition. I love the idea of doing a scavenger hunt for gifts.

  3. Love the pics. I totally understand about picking battles! I didn't choose clothes this year either ;)

    Looks like a great time!!