Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning is so magical when there is a little one in the house.  Yes, the boys love it too, but having Lucy so excited for Santa really keeps the magic alive for all of us.
Grammy and Papa came over early Christmas morning, so they could be there when all the kids woke up, and then we had a wonderful breakfast together.  For Dinner we headed over to Grammy and Papa's house!

(all the things on Lucy's list....a jewelry box, Connect 4, a pepper grinder, yes for real :), a binder, uh huh :), and I really can't believe I bought the HM backpack, but it was $3!!)
Santa did deliver the "spice set" and the tool box...for the boys, Bennett got his first cell phone, Powell and Blake got clothes, and a Wii for all!

Lucy's Christmas outfit, was a darling skirt my Mom crocheted for her!! 

For Christmas dessert Lucy treated us all to Giada's Chocolate Pizza!
She had watched and studied the video so many times, she knew EXACTLY what ingredients we needed and how to make the pizza! she is patiently waiting for the crust to come out of the oven 

 Lucy, your pizza was so delicious...and SO chocolatey!!!

Merry Christmas 2010


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog today and hearing Lucy's story. What a journey. She's beautiful by the way :)

  2. It sure looks like your Christmas day was a geat one filled with lot's of family and love. The skirt your mom made looks really beautiful. Happy New Year:)


  3. Hi there! Came across your blog today and have loved reading about your Lucy! My sister adopted from china 5 years ago. Her little one is named Lucy, too!

  4. Hi your Christmas day post.
    I think its brilliant that you have a little chef in the family!
    And wish Lucys skirt "came" in my size...just adorable!
    Happy 2011! Debsx

  5. I. LOVE. LUCY! She is so so cute. The fact that she asked for a pepper grinder is the cutest thing in the world. I have a feeling we would be good friends since Williams Sonoma is my favorite store :)

    Looks like you had a very VERY Merry Christmas!

    PS - my tree is crispy too. And it has 2 strands of lights randomly draped across the tree now. But I still love it.