Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gift Exchange~

I have met some of the most amazing women here in "blogland".
There is a group of us, that have created our own special little place in this cyber world, where we share our hearts, families, decorating ideas, recipes,'s all fair game...we are a group of "friends" from all across the country, some have met and some have yet to meet.

We have done some wonderful gift exchanges.  This year I was gifted by my friend Emily...and it is so amazing to think that we have never hugged each other in person, or even chatted on the phone....but by each thoughtful gift that arrived in my package, it was obvious, Emily "gets" me :)

The "theme" of our boxes this year was...china, handmade, food/beverage, french, favorite things and London are my gifts!

the wrapping alone was beautiful!

this picture Em found at an antique store, I love her!
this sweet little dish fit the "china" theme

2 of Em's favorite things, and mine too....Cafe du Monde coffee and Ferrero rocher!

the COOLEST french award plaque she found

and for handmade...Emily makes jewelry and sells on Etsy...she made this necklace for me!

Emily, thank you so much for each special gift you chose for me...I adore each and every one!


  1. Dawn, this blog world is an amazing thing isn't it?! I LOVE that you ladies have done this. What a special gift to give.

  2. Love your gifts from Em!! Happy Christmas Dawn!! xoxo

  3. You are so welcome Dawn. I loved every moment of hunting for you! And I do love how we "get" each other. So Special!!!!!!!!

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  5. oh, Dawn.. I love how you have written about our very special Gift Exchange here.. and shared your GOODness that Emily has given you. (If anyone wants to see more of Emily's Goodness (her beautiful creations on her etsy shop) please click on the link that Dawn shared in her post above to go there. I have purchased MANY necklaces from Emily's collection and I LOVE them! xoxoxo San

  6. Great post Dawn! It's true, we "get" each other perfectly! So happy to be part of this amazing group.