Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blake plays b-ball!

 Blake is playing high school basketball again.
He didn't "make" the team he had hoped, but he is getting lots of playing time on this team, and for a Mom sitting in the stands...that is good :)

 I love watching my Boys play seems Powell's days are over, and I am not sure what high school will hold for Bennett athletics wise, so right now, we watch Blake.  
It's funny, Blake was my biggest baby, my chubby little guy, and to see him today, I truly do not think he has an ounce of body fat...he is so lean and muscular, the body of an athlete.


  1. Oh how he has matured since he used to sit on my lap as a little chubby guy....and look at what a man he is now!! Miss you all and love seeing all their pictures!

    Love Pop

  2. Go Blake, show 'em how it's done!