Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poor Little Lucy~

My sweet Girl is not well.
She came home sick yesterday from school, vomiting non-stop.  After a trip to Urgent Care, some anti-nausea medicine and a urine sample it seems she has a kidney infection.

This comes right after her little "ordeal" last week.
She had her first serial cast removed on Thursday, and since she did so well, and her foot was not quite at 90 degrees, another cast was put on for a few more days.  

By Thursday night she was in EXTREME pain, and could barely function...we stayed up all night trying to keep her comfortable...which was SO painful to watch..all I wanted to do was the cut her cast off myself.  Friday morning we met someone at the "casting office", and cut off cast was instant relief!  She has been wearing a temporary orthotic, and this week her very "funky and jazzy" (really...just wait and see :) orthotic will arrive.  
She is an amazing little trooper who NEVER complains, so to watch her in so much pain, just breaks my heart.


  1. Please Dawn, tell my Lucy how sorry I am and wish I could be there to hold her and make her laugh, in her "jazzy" sort of way....

    Love Ye Ye

  2. Hope she is feeling better! Poor little angel -- nothing worse than seeing your little one sick and in pain!


  3. oh I had no idea until I saw Toby on Thursday :( I am so sorry. Then add insult to injury with the cast pain...grrr. Is there a special treat we can make and bring this weekend? Cookies, cupcakes? Hugs :)