Thursday, March 31, 2011

At Home with Books

I just checked this book out from my library, and it is crazy GOOD!

I love being able to get some books in my hand to see if in fact it is a book that I would want to add to my own library...and this one is!

It is full of wonderful personal libraries from Frances Fitzgerald, Michael Graves to Keith Richards, to name just a few...each eclectic and charming in their own way.  There are interviews with each library "owner" about their early love for books, how they store them and how they chose to build their libraries...I have yet to read any of the interviews, I got so caught up in the pictures.

There is also a section in the book about how to organize your own library, and if you are running out of shelf space, which are books that might be obsolete.

(library of Michele Oka Doner)

I would love to own a home with a library...shelves that go all the way to the ceiling that I would HAVE to get a rolling ladder...ahhh.

I have decided our office will now be called "the library" :)...yes, even though our computer is in there and Lucy's play kitchen...the library it is!

(my "library") you too dream of your own Library??


  1. I want this book! And of course I dream of a BIG library..I loved the rolling ladder in Tracy's old house. :( I wonder if she misses that house? I do!

  2. Your library is quite charming!

  3. I love your library! I would do anything for a library with a rolling ladder too... so dreamy!

    And, Congrats you won our giveaway! :) Email us at with your shipping info and we'll send you your fabulous bracelet!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great book! I'll have to check it out. I have a room that I've called the 'library' since I bought my house - even though there's a TV in the room... I has a 1 1/2 walls of built in bookshelves and that's just what I thought the room should be christened! Although, I'm alone in calling it that... No one else is on board. I love YOUR library, Dawn! xoxo

  5. I've never thought about having my own library per se... but I adore being surrounded in books. Barnes & Noble and I are involved on a lazy afternoon.

    Your "library" is stunning!

    Hope you have a wonderful day,

    That Girl in Pearls

  6. Your library is divine! And, yes, I dream of having one..someday!