Friday, April 1, 2011

Progress Week 4 {40 bags in 40 days}

This week was a little different.  I volunteered alot in Lucy's classroom, and had a couple of Dr. this week was not really broken down into days :)

The areas I tackled are:
~the drawers of my secretary
~under the kitchen sink
~the boxes on top of "my library" bookshelves

*the secretary went fairly quickly...the drawers hold things from notecards to recycled gift I went through and got rid of a TON of gift bags that I will not re-use and organized and purged the rest of the junk stuff :)

*under the kitchen sink...easy one...just lots of stuff that belonged in the garage that has been thrown here instead, and then just pulling everything out and wiping it all down!

*the boxes on top of my "library"...they are decorative boxes that I have been storing all my wooden stamps from my "stamping" days.  Lucy had NO idea these even existed, so you can imagine the squeals when I opened the boxes.  I let her choose some that she wanted to keep, and surprisingly, she was very particular about which ones she, we have lots to give away!


I have to admit...I have been doing easy spots so far...I have left at least 5 days dedicated to the garage, and I just keep skipping over those days and choosing something else.

 It is also Spring Break, here at our house this next week, and the boys bedrooms are on my I think that is what Week 5 is going to consist of :)


  1. Can you come over here once your done?? ;)

  2. I am so impressed with all you have been getting done. I did some spring cleaning and purging today too.

  3. Congrats on your progres and don't knock those "easy" spaces. Clutter is clutter and now there is less in your home.

  4. You are doing great. I wanted to do this too although not a bag a day but 40 bags over the curse of Lent. I have done 6 so far. Harry's bookshelves, closets and drawers, the boys linen closet, Kate's closet and bookshelves. I still have A LOT to do and not much time:) Oh real Lenten goal was exercise and I have been pretty darned good with that one (except Spring Break).

    I thought of Lucy this am. Kate wore a scarf to church today:0 ) I'll sned a photo:)

  5. hi dawn! doing a little catching up on blogs - so funny, i was about to send you a message asking how you were progressing...let me tell you - a major family vacation in the midst of the 40 days can put a screeching halt on progress (at least in MY house)! but it was worth it ;)

    i am back to it today...i have a huge chest of drawers in the living room. some of the things in there went in about 8 years ago and hadn't seen the light of day since. bu-bye to them...

    hope you are well :) keep up with the exercise! good for you. i'm getting back in to my morning walks now the sun is up by 6! yay!