Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner {In My Kitchen}

A couple days ago, we had a gorgeous Spring day...and it was screaming for a healthy, light dinner...

brussell family loves these!
my favorite way to cook them is to roast with olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper!


I had been planning on making Tilapia and then saw on Paige's blog, she had shared almost this exact same dinner :), plus she made a sauce for the fish and shared the I made that, and it was delicious!


I also made Coconut Jasmine Rice that Lissa had shared.
It was good, and my family was thrilled I made white rice for a change :)


So..there you have it, a healthy colorful meal!
I am looking forward to many more of these kinds of dinners, cooked on the grill and eaten al fresco!


  1. Oh I wish I coud dine with you!!!! Looks yummy.

  2. Your picture looks magazine worthy! I craved brussel sprouts with my first pregnancy. Crazy, huh?

  3. This looks amazing...we've been eating more Jasmine rice lately. My little family likes roasted veggies as well, but I can't get them to try brussel sprouts again...I think I may take on the task, as the picture looks so tasty. Tilapia is our fave...after I lightly fry flour coated filets in Olive Oil, I deglaze the pan w/ a couple pats of butter, a little Balsamic Viengar and drained/rinsed capers (sometimes I use a little white wine too.) Then pour over all of the filets. TDF!!