Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flashback Friday {on Saturday!}

Bennett & Blake - England 2005
My Father-in-law took our family on an amazing trip to England.
He rented a narrow boat and we rode through the canals of England and Wales...opening locks and bridges, and stopping at little villages along the way, for a week.  
After that, we drove to London and spent another week touring another one of my favorite cities!
It was a trip we will NEVER forget!


  1. Thank you, Dawn, for the wonderful memories of that outstanding trip....I will go again for sure!
    love Pop.

  2. oh how i'd love a week touring london!! your 365. i can't log in there b/c i'm at work and seem to have limited commenting access. that's clear as mud right?
    love your jackets off approach too. we're twins!
    i just stacked all my fave cookbooks...ina & giada's of course, because they are gorgeous on the outside too!

    i am asking for a kindle ( i think) for my birthday! i'll keep you posted. do you have one?

  3. Oh my gosh... this is priceless Dawn!! Your boys look so cute! Blake's hair is adorable. My Tanner had hair like this for a few years. I loved it! Please post more photos of your boys in Europe. I would love to see them!