Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jackets off & a book review

Not too long ago, Pam, did a post on her blog about taking the "jackets" off her books on her bookshelf.
I love books.
I love worn books...
used books...
old books...
but I especially love their colors.  
I had taken the jackets off all the books on my bookshelves in our office...but I had hesitated taking them off my cookbooks...I guess because I thought they would get "dirty"...but then Pam shared this picture and I was sold...the colors did it for me...

so this is my little kitchen bookshelf
It was an awkward cupboard, so I took off the door and made it the cookbook shelf....
and now that the jackets are off I love it even more...I love looking at the rainbow of colors...


I love the colors of the Serendipity Sundaes book!

I am so glad I did it!



I just finished this book...
and would only give it 
I thought of not finishing it, but kept hoping it would get better....
it didn't.


  1. What a great idea... I'm going to take the jackets off of my books too! It looks so much better without them! And I hate when I read a bad book :( Thanks for the review!

  2. That's to bad about the book. The cabinet looks beautiful with all of the books displayed!!

  3. love them Dawn!! And I'm wondering why your Barefoot family style is black and mine is orange?? :) Oh I'm coveting those Martha books too!! xoxo

  4. We must have the same taste...I was reading this book a week ago. I could NOT get into it. I am reading a great book now...The Island...much better. Now I don't feel like I have to try and finish the Westport one. Thanks for the heads up!