Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Powell!!

How can this be??

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday...my first sweet baby...the eyes I looked into and knew I would lay down my life for you.

You have brought so much joy to our lives and we could not be prouder of the Man that you have become.  

You have waited for this day for so long.

Dad and I are so excited for you to begin this new chapter in your life called "Adulthood"...you Powell T. are going to do amazing things and we will ALWAYS be your biggest fans!

Happy Happy Birthday to You!
We love you....Mom & Dad

(I just have to share about this picture :)  No..we do not condone smoking, especially 6 year old boys :)...my Mother-in-law would buy my boys candy cigs when she visited New Mexico, and they always loved them, as I did when I was a kid....she loved this picture of Powell and it seemed so fitting for this big milestone birthday....we miss you Nana!)


  1. lol I remember those candy cigs..we used to get them from time to time when we were kids. What a cutie Powell was and he sure has grown into a handsome young man! Just blows my mind how fast they grow!!

  2. oh how I used to love those candy cigs too!!! I recently found them in a candy store here and almost put them in the easter baskets but changed my mind (plus I think they had dairy beleive it or not)

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to your ADULT!!!! Wow, can you believe it. I Iove what you wrote to him. it is obvious how much love and support you give to your kiddos.


  3. Happy Birthday Powell! What a nice young adult you have raised!