Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Powell's Day

Powell ended up staying home sick :( on his birthday.
I had planned to take treats up to the high school...since I knew it would be the very last time :(...oh all these lasts, make me so sad, but I know there are so many exciting firsts ahead of him!

I made Powell pasta and garlic bread (his request) for dinner, and he asked for Red Velvet cake...his favorite!

Wow 18!!!

I am actually glad he felt bad earlier in the week, because we have a BIG party planned for Saturday night!!

Here is his invitation!!



  1. I love that candy cig picture!! Like a little James Dean. I used to get those candies at the five and dime near my grandparent's house. So funny.

    I'm sorry he was feeling sick, but I hope you all have a fantastic party! Great pictures of your whole family.

  2. Wow! What a big day. I loved candy cigs when I was little. Have fun at the party!