Monday, June 20, 2011

Congratulations Powell!!! Class of 2011!

Graduation Day 
June 18th, 2011

Powell and Kahlen before they headed to the school!  These two met in 5th grade and have been the best of friends ever since.  They will be heading to WSU together!!

Toby and Powell

My first baby...I was trying to keep it together :)

Kahlen, Powell and Austin

Austin came by to pick up the boys and take them up to the high school, so they could board the bus to head to the ceremony

The weather was typical for early summer in Seattle :(...grey rainy and we made sure to take some of our family pics before we left!

Pop and the Kids :)

Grammy and Lucy

Papa and Lucy

Me and my Girl!

Aunt Deanna

It is tradition in our city for the grads to arrive at their ceremony in school buses.  They are given a police escort :) and it is the only time they are ever allowed to hang out the windows.  As they headed down the hill, cars pull over to the side of the road, and honk and wave as the buses go by...

The minute the buses arrived the crowd erupted in cheers and the kids were waving their caps out the windows...that is when the tears started for most of us!

There he is!!

Looks like he found us :)

Congratulations AMHS Class of 2011!!!

What a wonderful day...Powell was so genuinely happy, it just showed in his smile!!
Three generations!

This pretty much sums up how Lucy feels about this Guy!

Aunt Deanna wouldn't have missed this day for anything!

Grandma and Dennis with their first graduating Grandchild

The moment Powell and I saw each other, the tears flowed!!
I am so proud of you Powell!!

Blake and Bennett were so excited for Powell...they cheered for him and couldn't wait to see him after the ceremony!

WOW...these are some cute kids!!!

The beaming Parents!!

Powell's principal Mrs. Herren, hugged every.single.student. after they received their was so obvious how much she loved this class...and they loved her!!

Heading off to do some celebrating!
I really wanted to be "in the moment" at our Grad Party, that I put my camera I have ZERO pics of the party...and all the decorating I did...but that's ok, I enjoyed every minute!!


  1. oh girlie, you got some great pictures!!
    sorry about the rain
    what a good looking family you have
    & thirdly, yay you for being in the moment!

  2. Congratulations! You all must be so proud! Wishing Powell the best in all his endeavors! Wow - Lucy looks so grown up in these photos! Beautiful Family! Blessings, Wendy

  3. Congratulations to Powell!. You got some great family pictures. I love the tradition of riding the bus to the ceremony.

  4. Hi Dawn, Our son just graduated too. Congradulations! He is going to UWA. We have five kids and two grands. I can't face the empty nest, and so each time one graduates we adopt a little one! We are working on number 6 now since C.J. had the nerve to grow up! I saw the War Eagle stuff on your blog and got tickled because the first english words our daughter,Lian, said were "ROLL TIDE!" My husband taught her to say them the day we adopted her!We have alot in common. Nice to meet you-Joy

  5. Congratulations to your handsome son Powell and what a beautiful family you all are. You must be so proud...Kyle is heading into grade 11 this Fall and I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.

    Hugs, Janice

  6. Congrats to your sweet Powell! You do have the cutest family ever! What a fun ceremony - even in the rain, the smiles shined through!

    Hope you're having a great summer!


    P.S. Maybe you can talk your next graduate into thinking about college in Nebraska! :)

  7. dawn, i really enjoyed seeing these! congrats to powell. exciting days ahead - and i'm sure it's already been a great summer! glad you all had such a nice time celebrating! :)

  8. Oh my!!!! You must be so proud!! Looks like a fantastic graduation. Love the pic of Lucy hugging her brother. So sweet!

  9. I love this post.... I am all teary eyed reading and looking at the photos... what a beautiful family!!!! I can only imagine how proud you are!!! Congratulations to Powell!

  10. Congratulations to Powell!!! It looks like it was such a happy day for the entire family:) The dress looks darling on Lucy!!!

    I saw this before and thought I had commented but maybe I got distracted by a kid...that always happens