Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lucy's Kindergarten Graduation!

I told Lucy I had a surprise for her the morning of Graduation...when I pulled this wrist corsage out of the box she squeeled with delight.  After just seeing all the girls receive these from their Prom dates, she knew exactly what it was, and she couldn't of been happier :)

Besides the excitement of Graduation...the night before she lost her first tooth!!!
She's growing up!!

Each child was called up and shared what they wanted to be when they grew up and received their diploma.
Lucy said..
"When I grow up, I want to be a singer" :)

Lucy and her teacher Mrs. Haechler...aren't Kindergarten teachers the best?!?!?

Our Happy Graduate!

Grammy and Lucy

Aunt Deanna and Lucy

That's it...our little Girl is now a 1st grader, and will go to school ALL day AND ride the bus!! OH...this Mama's heart....

Happy Graduation Day Lucy Joy!!


  1. Congrats Lucy! Adorable photos! Wishing Lucy continued happiness and success in school, Cathy

  2. Aww, they really do grow up so fast! Lucy just exudes that her middle name? I love that she wants to be a singer. I have a feeling she will be whatever it is she sets her mind to. I'm a teacher and I see that she has that "spark". Congrats on Graduation :)

  3. What a gorgeous Graduate! Congratulations Lucy ~ have a great summer!

  4. So sweet!! What a wonderful graduation! Love that she wants to be a singer -- Maddy is still planning to be a rock star and work at DisneyWorld! :)

    Have a great week.


  5. Way to go are such a beautiful Graduate!!! Emma is heading into grade 1 as well but they don't have a graduation here for them:( Too bad however she has 2 more days left of school and then off for the summer! Congrats again and you look so cute with your missing tooth!!