Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Graduate!

the time is getting closer
the announcements have gone out
the party is being planned
we have 3 grad parties this weekend
prom is next weekend
senior awards 
finalizing the details on grad night

This is Powell's grad announcement. 
 I love the new tradition of ordering your own announcement instead of the traditional one from the school.  It has been so fun to see everyone's personal "stamp" on their own.  The reverse side of ours has all the grad party info so all the bases are covered.

This Guy is ready!
I am not, but would I ever be??


  1. Congrats to the grad. I love the new graduation announcements.

  2. To my very FIRST grandchild Powell...I find it hard to believe you are graduating and going on to WSU...I remember vividly the night you were born and your dad told us your middle name was Thomas!! I cried then and have tears in my eyes now just looking at your announcement.

    I wish you the very best in your college years, Powell...I am so very proud of you! Love Pop

  3. Handsome graduate!! Congratulations!!

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