Friday, August 5, 2011


Life here has been full.  There has been so much going on in our world that to sit down and write it all out has seemed daunting, but this is our family scrapbook and I wouldn't want to forget this "season" in our lives.

One month ago (almost), we got the call the every parent dreads..."you're Son has been in an accident".  It was our Anniversary and Powell was away for the weekend with friends, 3 hours away.  His friends Mom had to make that call to us, as Powell was being loaded into an ambulance.  

Powell was in a serious roll over accident and was ejected from the vehicle.  When we got the call he was stable and alert, but that was all we knew.  We chose to wait at home until he got to the hospital and could be checked out by the Dr's.

He was one lucky boy...he had two staples in his head, a concussion, serious road rash, a very sore body, and a broken spirit.  He was admitted overnight, so we headed over the next day to bring him home.

One week later he was diagnosed with Mono!  So, for three weeks we made sure he got all the rest he needed.

On to some fun :)

Lucy attended a darling Princess Birthday party for her friend Faith.

Lucy and Belle 

Lucy and Tiana 

Lucy and Cinderella
*my friend Dawn did such an amazing job with this can see more on her blog :)

A few weeks later we went to a family wedding in gorgeous Roche Harbor.  It was just what our family needed...some fun, family and sun!

We returned home and celebrated Lucy's Gotcha Day, and then last weekend Powell and I headed to Washington State University for Orientation.  We had originally planned to go when he returned from his little "weekend getaway", but after the accident and a concussion we had to postpone.

And now, one week from Sunday we drive over to WSU and drop off Powell to begin this new chapter in his life.  He is so ready and excited...this Mom...not so much :)

Whew...this has been an emotional past month to say the least, and as much as I am not ready for summer to end, I will look forward to the "stability and routine" that September
brings :) 


  1. So relieved to read that Powell is ok from that accident! Scary!

    Beautiful photos and almost time for school -- am sure you will be ready for some routine.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Wow! You have had alot going on. I am so glad Powell is ok!! I love the pics of you with your boys. (I love their short haircuts!!). And Miss Lucy is adorable as always!! (and you look amazing!!!)

  3. Oh my word! How scary. So glad Powell is okay.

    I, too, am ready for the structure of September!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Dawn,

    I am so sorry about the accident. I cannot imagine getting that all (and I hope I never get one). You must have been so scared. Thank God he is okay.

    The wedding photos are gorgeous of all of you. I am sure it will be so hard to take Powell to college. Thinking of you.

  5. I am so thankful that Powell is okay, it must have been so scary for you. Sounds like it has been a fun and busy summer. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  6. Dawn, I am so sorry to hear about Powell's accident...such a scary time that must have been....With Kyle being 16 I find myself worrying more and more about this kind of stuff. So thankful your boy is okay. Hugs my friend!!!


  7. PS. you guys all look so great....such a beautiful family you are. Love all the pictures:)


  8. Wow, scary, but so glad that your son is fine and your family has been spared a tragedy. You all look so nice together. Love how Lucy & your dress coordinate and you all look so tanned!

  9. Dawn- I'm and so happy to hear that Powell is ok!! I love the family photos, you look GORGEOUS!! ;)