Monday, August 15, 2011

We did it!

I really did not think I would survive this day, but I did
It's not to say that it didn't come with ALOT of tears, it did
As much as it hurts to let him go, he is ready to fly

Powell summer signed with a fraternity, so that means he gets to move into the house instead of a residence hall

Have you ever been inside of a frat??  I had not :)


(the main living area) 

There are not pictures to show Powell's room...he doesn't really have one
All the freshman and sophmore guys sleep on what is called the "sleeping porch"...this is a room with 20+ bunk beds and is a dedicated "quiet zone".
Each guy then shares a "room" with 2-3 other guys where they each have a desk and armoire for clothes and personal items.

(Powell and Brendan in their "room")

It was such chaos inside the house and so many boys were moving in and changing "rooms" we unloaded Powell and decided it would be best to let him get settled on his own and we would walk around campus.

It is pretty exciting to be able to go to a Pac10 school and get to actually walk on their football field! 

We headed back to the house and visited with Powell for a little while, and then I knew it was time...I tried really hard to keep it together, and made it through these pictures :)
but, wow, the minute I hugged this sweet boy of mine the tears just flowed...and they wouldn't stop....he was so sweet and said, "you can text me as much as you want Mom, and I will always text you back" :)

I know this is how it is supposed to be...give them wings so they can fly
Yes, he is our first baby, but we truly are going to miss his "adult" self :) here in our house.  Powell is so fun to be around, Toby and I enjoy his company and not having him here in our home everyday is going to be a big void.

I know as the days go on it will get easier not hearing his car pull into the driveway, knowing he will walk through the door any minute...but right now it hurts.


  1. Oh Dawn!!! I am sure this was so hard. I cannot even imagine. I have been in fraternity houses before but never heard of the type of accommodations Powell has. I am sure it works for boys but I cannot imagine that for girls!!! Hugs sweet friend. I am sure you miss him already!

  2. Dawn..sending you big hugs my friend....I can only imagine how hard this had to be on you..Our Kyle has 2 years left at home and then we will be sending him off and I can't imagine it. It looks like a beautiful place Powell will be staying. Hang in there girl!! xoxo

  3. My heart goes out to you, Dawn! We are heading into our son's Senior year and already I know I'll be crying through the whole year. I'm a blubbering mess when I watch kids heading off to college beginning this week - I can't imagine what I'll be like next year when it's my own child going. Hugs to you!

  4. Oh my goodness. What a special day and a hard day. I can't imagine! Still early in my motherhood journey, but yesterday we celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniv. It's one of those moments of celebration and reflection of where you've been and where you are going. I got teary eyed thinking about the possible blessings headed our seeing Liliah married and starting her own life....tears! Praying God will comfort your hearts during this transition

  5. Oh I have chills just reading this! He seems like such a great guy and I love that he will text you back :) Boy, I'm having a hard time with my oldest turning 13 in less than a week!

  6. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes! You've done a fabulous job with him and I can tell what a wonderful son he is. My son was in frat and it looked very similar. Take care and sweet that he will always text you back!


  7. I completely understand. I cried for months last year after Zach left for college. It is very hard. He is 9 hours away but still managed to come home pretty regularly. We have had such a wonderful time with him home for the summer but that is quickly coming to an end too. I hope that I take it better this year than last year.

  8. Pops loves you all and know the trauma you went thru yesterday...PW is such a grown up young man and I am so proud of how you have reared all your children (my grandchildren!). You should be so proud!! Thank you for giving me such a family....I miss you all!!
    love Pops.

  9. Sounds like you have a raised a sweet, strong boy!! I would have been bawling too. I can't even begin to imagine how hard that was for you. I'm sending you big, virtual hugs...

  10. You described my feelings exactly! We moved our oldest to college Sunday(i did a post over on my blog). I did so good tears...but tonight at the dinner table I just looked at my husband and said ok it has hit me, I miss my boy!

    thank you for this I know i'm not the only one...most people just think I'm being silly.


    Jill :)

  11. He looks so happy! You did it! We just bought football tickets to watch University of Utah play Washington State in November, hopefully he is up for a visit from the browncircus! Hugs~