Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011 we are again :)
This year has been harder for me to get into the "groove" of new school year because it feels like there are so many changes this year, and I have had a hard time accepting the fact that my "babies" are growing up! 

 Besides the fact that my "first baby" is away at college, my "second baby" will be a junior this year and begin the college application process, take the SAT' "third baby boy" is now a highschool freshman...are you kidding me?? my Lucy is a first grader who will ride the bus and go ALL DAY!  Oh my~

Luckily, the boys know that the "first day of school picture" is a non-negotiable thing...however, their "first day of school outfits" now that they are teenagers are their own you could tell :)

Blake - 11th grade

Bennett - 9th grade

Lucy - 1st Grade

Lucy has been SO excited to start 1st grade ...she has been a little worried about going to school all day AND riding the bus for the first time.

She gave me the biggest hug before getting on that bus like a brave little rockstar...I know she was fighting back tears, but she did it!

As soon as the bus pulled away, Toby and I raced to the car and flew up to the school to beat the bus :)...YES I am THAT Mom :)....

and this face is what we saw as she stepped off that bus :)

So...there you go...everyone had a great first day and we are excited for a great year! HERE about Lucy's cute!

P.S.S...stay tuned..I have a post to share about Lucy's shoes and Nordstrom that might just be helpful to someone with similar issues.


  1. Glad everyone had a good first day.Lucy did you eat all that food.
    I love you all very much

  2. OH WOW !!

    Wanna see a grown, old grampa cry???

    What a darling you are, Lucy !! Bet you loved school...I love you!

    Love Ye Ye.
    p.s. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

  3. Love all your back to school pics!!! Wishing them all a great year!
    I have some questions for ya regarding Jr. year since you are a pro with it now! lol Our oldest is a Jr. this year and I feel like we are learning as we go along. When do you recommend taking the SAT? Should he take it this year or wait until beginning of senior year? What about college app. and scholarship apps?? I'd appreciate ANY advice! :)