Friday, December 16, 2011

Littlest Trooper~

The smile you see here is how Lucy faces everything thrown her way

She recently "graduated" from therapy at school since meeting all her goals....yippee
However, she still attends outside therapy once a week for a hour
She loves going and this last round she was in what they call "fitness center" with 2 other girls who were 15 and 13 and their therapist taught them a dance :)

This little "outfit" is new for Lucy
She tends to hyper extend her knees when walking on the treadmill, or just running in general, so the new hot pink knee braces should help with that...of course, the color choice was hers!

The boys call her "the little ninja" in her new 2 piece SPIO suit...these are "very tight" spandex and will aid in giving her body awareness and sensory input to her left side
She cannot wear the pants to school as they are so tight and she would need help every time she went to the restroom ...she says it feels good when she puts it on :)

Lucy Joy you amaze me everyday with your infectious laugh, that cute smile, your determination and love of have made such great strides in 3 years by all your hard work!  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you Sweet Girl!

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  1. Lucy you are awesome and your face is always smiling because your heart is always smiling.:) Love the new neon PINK knee braces!!

  2. I love Lucy's beautiful spirit!!! I agree with Lori..her heart is always smiling:)

  3. Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas!
    Love Lucy's super cool pink knee braces and as always her beautiful smile!

  4. Where did you find hot pink knee braces??