Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lucy's Farm Program~

The first grade classes at Lucy's school, put on a very fun Farm Program.
They sang songs and recited poems from A to Z!

Once Lucy spots me in the audience with my camera and video camera, it is as if I am the only one in the audience :)....I love it!

 Lucy's part in the program was to introduce the letter "L"
Before she said her piece, she grabbed the microphone and stepped away from the pedestal, so I could get a full shot...she cracks me up!

"L is for Llama.  Here are a few facts you might not know about Llamas"
This was Lucy's line, said to perfection!

Lucy and her best friend Camryn!

 After the program, Papa treated us all to dinner.  Lucy loved "her night" so much!!

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  1. Great job Lucy!! She looks so adorable!! What a sweet girl and beautiful dress!