Friday, January 27, 2012

Blake, you're my Han Solo!

Blake was invited to a Star Wars Party last weekend
To say he was excited would be a HUGE understatement :)

 I had gone to the store and when I came home, this is what I saw :)

He had put together a Han Solo costume ... what I love about Blake is that he doesn't care if anyone else is dressing up...this was not a costume party, he didn't check with any of his friends...he just wanted to be Han Solo! (and he was the only one who dressed up :)

That's my boy!!



  1. He looks great! I hope he had a good time.

  2. Way to go Blake.....What a great costume... he is such a handsome Hans Solo....

  3. han solo was my favorite.
    i admire blake's enthusiasm, confidence, and sense of humor.
    han solo would be proud.
    may the force be with you.