Saturday, January 21, 2012

Careful what you wish for....

We had a fun snow day on Wednesday
but by Thursday morning things were looking a little different...

trees were snapping
(this is our tree in the front yard...what you can't see to the left is the neighbors truck it just missed)

plants were covered in a layer of ice

our snowman got a frozen runny nose

a layer of ice covered our world

many neighborhoods lost power...we were one of the lucky few who did not
we did lose cable and internet access for awhile
my Mom has SO many trees down on their property (some on their roof) and as of last night were still without power

school was cancelled for the rest of the week

and thankfully today the temperature has warmed and things are beginning to thaw.


  1. I think the ice is so beautiful! I hate that it causes so many other issues!!! The runny nose is precious!!!

  2. I think the ice is so beautiful! I hate that it causes so many other issues!!! The runny nose is precious!!!

  3. our snowstorm, which began as the kids left for school on wednesday, turned to rain as they were getting out of school. really a bummer. i would trade the rain for ice. that's just how i roll ♥

  4. the ice really was amazing,..and so beautiful! We were lucky not to have much damage...and I did get my wish of being "snowed in"!

  5. I think the ice is beautiful, but anytime we have an ice storm, and that's not more than once a year, we lose our power! We're the first to lose it and the last to get it back! But it really is lovely to look at.

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  7. Oh I just love these pictures! Beautiful winter. I am not a summer time gal! It is in the
    60's today in N.C. very unusual for us. I am jealous! :)